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2 Hour Video

CD'S & DVD'S Designed

Selah Graphics Video division offers on location video shoots in HD format at a location of your choice. However extensive travel will incur additional charges. Your video can be shot under your direction for an additional cost to the client. 

Live video (1 Hour)Live Video (2) HoursDVD  SlideshowsRicky Duncan (209) 649-7200
$250.00 Includes jewel case Design/Graphics$350.00 Includes jewel case Design /Graphics$1, 500.00 (free with 2 hour video) serious
 (front & Back) 1 copy
 (front & Back) 1 copy
200 Digital photos 
Each additional copy $20.00
Each additional copy $20.00Each additional copy $20.00



See Chart below for attributes of each plan!

Fully Integrated WebsiteBasic Website2 Page Website
$3500.00 This site comes with social media set up, Reverbnation, Google Plus Page, Facebook, Live Calendar, Slideshows, video, and photo Gallery Page. Flash Banner,  Page Links are Customers Choice.

$250.00 comes with flash, videos, Musical Slideshow, four Pages. Press Kit,  Links are the customers Choice

$150.00 This Basic Page is generally comes with a custom designed Biography, and Contact Page, Social Media links (4), Photos, and you can add componets for $35.00 Each. 
All work done by contract and requires a %50 Non-Refundable Deposit after 24hours.

multiple, Frequent Changes Incurs a cost of 35.00 per change, depending on Labor, and time factors.
Customer must edit contract in writing, and is required by both parties.
For More Information Call (209)649-7200 24 Hours a Day

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